Cookies are small text files containing, for example, your username and password, which are used to improve your browsing experience on a website. Cookies do not distribute other files to the user’s device. Cookies can contain the name of the site, date, time, etc. and the user are assigned a unique number by which the site recognizes them. Cookies help websites know about the user, allowing websites to personalize the user experience, and some Cookies are necessary for security purposes, such as authentication Cookies. 

The stored Cookies allow Site to remember information about your visit so that the visitor can avoid re-entering the data when visiting the website. Cookies improve the website experience and are used to develop the website and make it more user-friendly, to help identify and understand user preferences, and to display certain advertisements to relevant target groups based on previous visits to the website.

Cookies are stored by web browsers in a specific file on the user’s devices. For example, the web browser Google Chrome stores all Cookies in a file called “Cookies”. Chrome users can view the Cookies stored by the browser by opening Developer Tools, clicking the “Application” tab, and clicking “Cookies” in the left-hand menu.

The website user can change the Cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed by enabling/disabling the automatic processing of Cookies.

Cookies are stored in your browser, files are temporarily stored on the device until the user deletes them manually.

Cookies are stored in your browser, files are temporarily stored on your device, and your device automatically deletes them after a certain amount of time has passed.

Analytical Cookies and advertising files from advertising servers, their companies and service providers are tailored to the user, their preferences and habits. These files allow the website to measure the effectiveness of the ad, for example, how many people clicked on the ad and visited the advertiser’s website. These cookies collect information and send it to third parties. For example, Google Ads, Google Analytics, which store cookies for 26 months and then delete them automatically. For more information on the use of cookies, please visit third party websites.

Information on how users can reject the use of Cookies, Google advertising preferences or the services of external cookie providers, ad network opt-out page.

You can easily accept or reject Cookies on this website: I agree / I do not agree to the use of Cookies.

In order to ensure a better user experience and use of the website, recommends that you allow Cookies so that you can fully use the content of the website and various functions that will make it easier and more convenient to exchange information.

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